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Welcome To Dualsimphonesuk.com!

This site is not live yet but developing is in progress and should be ready by 01/07/2012.

Dual SIM Phones, UK

The site is about dual SIM card mobile phones in the UK. All aspects are covered: service providers, manufacturers, manuals, usage, reviews and more.

There is a tremendous demand of dual SIM phones in the United Kingdom in the last couple of years. The reason for this is that conscious mobile owners want to take advantage of the benefits of having accounts at more than one mobile service provider. Another reason is the practical benefit when you frequently travel abroad and have foreign SIM cards as well. A large number of immigrants from all over the World would like to keep their original phone number they had in their home country while at the same time also having a UK number to use in their daily lives. These purposes can be achieved by having two separate mobile devices at hand, but needless to say this is inconvinient and pretty lame. These days in 2012 you don’t have to be a top geek to come up with a much more elegant solution, that is a mobile phone with two SIM cards. The two separate cards can operate simultaneously in the same mobile and can handle all tasks possibly needed without any difficulties.

Dual SIM Phone Benefits:

  • Being constantly accessible on both of your numbers
  • Use two different networks on the exact same device
  • Save money by using the cheaper network at all times
  • No need to carry two phones in your pocket all the time
  • No need to enter contacts twice to both of your phones each time
  • Use your favourite model device for all your calls
  • No need to manually change the SIM card each time you want to switch network (as opposed to having a traditional phone and two SIMs)

No special knowledge needed, just browse around and you’ll become familiar with these handy devices real quick!

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